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Summer Bundle

Summer Bundle

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Summer Bundle:

  • IVG 5000 x 2
  • IVG Liquid x 1
  • 5X points
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Product Overview

Summer Bundle:

  • IVG 5000 x 2
  • IVG Liquid x 1
  • 5X points


Introducing the IVG 5000, a superior choice in disposable vaping devices. Engineered for extended usage, it offers an exceptional 5000 Puffs and a capacious 10ml E-liquid reservoir. The device is powered by a reliable 500 mAh battery, ensuring consistent performance. Incorporating advanced Hybrid Airflow technology and formulated with 20mg Nic salts, it delivers a smooth, satisfying experience. The inclusion of a Mesh Coil and a meticulously designed Ergonomic mouthpiece enhances comfort and flavour delivery. With an array of 20 distinct flavour profiles, the IVG 5000 caters to a diverse palate, making each vaping session uniquely enjoyable.


Experience the exquisite world of IVG Liquids, where every drop promises unmatched quality and flavour. Our range includes 30ml e-liquid bottles, perfectly sized for convenience and variety. Each blend features 20mg of smooth Nic Salts, offering a satisfying throat hit with every puff. Our balanced 50VG/50PG formula ensures a perfect harmony of flavour and vapor. Dive into our diverse selection of 12 flavour options, each meticulously crafted to elevate your vaping experience. IVG Liquids – where every flavour tells a story.


Unwavering Quality Assurance: The IVapeGreat Guarantee

At IVapeGreat, we understand that quality is paramount in your vaping experience. Our commitment to quality assurance is unwavering, rooted in a deep understanding of what vapers truly seek. We start with the finest materials, ensuring that each component meets our high standards. This approach is not just about adhering to regulations; it's about surpassing them to deliver a product that sets a new benchmark in the industry.

Our meticulous quality control process is rigorous and thorough, covering every stage from production to packaging. We don't just create products; we craft experiences. With the IVapeGreat guarantee, every puff you take is backed by our promise of quality, delivering not just satisfaction but complete peace of mind.


Innovation in Every Puff: IVapeGreat's Cutting-Edge Approach

IVapeGreat is where innovation meets excellence. Our commitment to pioneering new paths in vaping technology is evident in every product we offer. By embracing the latest advancements, we ensure that our customers enjoy a vaping experience that is not just contemporary but also future-ready. Our RD team works tirelessly, exploring new possibilities, from extended battery life to more efficient heating mechanisms.

In our quest to innovate, we listen closely to the vaping community, integrating their feedback into our design process. This collaborative approach allows us to create products that are not only technologically advanced but also finely tuned to the needs and preferences of vapers. With IVapeGreat, each puff is a step into the future of vaping.


A Symphony of Flavours: IVapeGreat's Extravagant Range

Embark on a flavour journey like no other with IVapeGreat's extravagant range of e-liquids. Our collection is a symphony of flavours, carefully composed to cater to every palate. From the classic richness of tobacco blends to the refreshing zest of fruity concoctions, we offer a spectrum of tastes, each more tantalizing than the last. Our flavour specialists are artisans, blending unique combinations that transform each vaping session into an extraordinary experience.

But it's not just about variety; it's about the depth and authenticity of each flavour. We use only premium ingredients to ensure that every inhale delivers a burst of pure, unadulterated taste. IVapeGreat isn't just about vaping; it's about savoring a rich, flavourful adventure.


Join the Movement: The Thriving IVG Community

Step into the world of IVapeGreat and join a community that's thriving and ever-growing. Our brand is more than just a name; it's a movement, bringing together vapers from all walks of life. We believe in building connections, fostering a space where experiences, tips, and stories are shared freely. This community is the heartbeat of IVapeGreat, inspiring us to grow and evolve continually.

Being a part of the IVG community means more than just using our products; it's about contributing to a culture of respect, innovation, and shared passion. We encourage our members to voice their ideas and feedback, as it is the driving force behind our innovation. Together, we're not just vapers; we're pioneers shaping the future of vaping.


Understanding Nic Salts

Nic salts, or nicotine salts, are a unique form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. They offer a smoother vaping experience compared to freebase nicotine, allowing users to vape higher nicotine strengths without the harsh throat hit. It's essential to understand your tolerance and select a strength suitable for your needs. While they provide a more satisfying nicotine hit for many, always ensure you're informed about their effects.


Age Restrictions and Responsible Vaping

We take our commitment to responsible vaping seriously. All our products are intended solely for adults of legal smoking age. We strongly discourage the sale and use of our products by minors. Age verification processes are in place to uphold this commitment. Remember, vaping is an adult activity, and it's essential to keep vape products out of reach of children and adolescents.


Pregnancy And Vaping

It is strongly advised to avoid both tobacco and nicotine during pregnancy, which means refraining from smoking as well as vaping. If you find it challenging to quit, it's a good idea to seek support from a 'stop smoking service' to assist you on your journey toward quitting.


Safety First: Vape Responsibly

While vaping offers an alternative to traditional tobacco products, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Always use devices as instructed, avoid modifying them in unapproved ways, and store them safely away from water, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. Additionally, be mindful of your consumption habits, recognizing any signs of overuse or adverse reactions. Your well-being is paramount.

Commitment to Compliance

We adhere to all regional and national regulations concerning vaping products. This dedication ensures that our products are not only of high quality but also meet the safety and health standards set by authorities. By purchasing from us, you're choosing a brand that values integrity, safety, and compliance.


Vape Delivery Shipping Information

Experience unparalleled convenience with IVG seamless online ordering process. Choose between Standard and Express Shipping options to suit your needs.

Province/Territory Express Shipping Standard Shipping Express Shipping
(Remote areas)
Standard Shipping
(Remote areas)
Ontario 1 day 1-2 days 1-2 days 2-3 days
Alberta 1-2 days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-4 days
Saskatchewan 2-3 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 3-5 days
British Columbia 1-2 days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-4 days
Manitoba 2-3 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 3-5 days
Nova Scotia 2-3 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 3-5 days
New Brunswick 2-3 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 3-5 days
Prince Edward Island 2-3 days 2-4 days 2-4 days 3-5 days
Newfoundland Labrador 2-4 days 4-7 days 5-8 days 8-14 days
Northwest Territories 2-4 days 4-7 days 5-8 days 8-14 days
Nunavut 2-4 days 5-8 days 5-8 days 8-14 days
Yukon 2-4 days 5-8 days 5-8 days 8-14 days

*These are estimated business days for each province/territory and actual delivery times may vary. Tracking information is sent on order confirmation.


Shipping Delivery Information For Ontario

In Ontario, the heart of Canada's vaping community, we work tirelessly to enhance the vape Ontario trusts! From Toronto's busy streets, where vape stores Toronto residents trust are in high demand, to Greater Toronto Area, our Ontario vape service has you covered. We provide guaranteed 1 business day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area. Searching for a vape shop in Ottawa or vape stores in Ottawa? With our efficient delivery services, consider us your go-to Ottawa vape solution.

In Mississauga, we bring you closer to the vaping products you love, eliminating the need for a dedicated vape shop in Mississauga. The same convenience extends to Brampton, where vape stores Brampton locals frequent can also opt for our fast delivery options. And for your vape delivery in Hamilton, you know who to ring!

Shipping Delivery Information For Alberta

Alberta's vaping scene is equally diverse, and we're proud to collaborate with Alberta vape shops to bring you the finest in vaping technology. Whether you're in Calgary, Edmonton, or Ludec, we’re your go-to vape store Alberta locals can rely on.


Shipping Delivery Information For British Columbia

British Columbia, with its laid-back vibe, is no stranger to the vape culture. BC vapes are popular, and we're here to make them even better. Whether you're in Squamish or are looking for vape delivery in Surrey, or if you're browsing vape shops in Abbotsford and vape stores in Vancouver, we're your most convenient choice!


Shipping Delivery Information For Manitob

In Manitoba, the vaping community is flourishing, and IVG is thrilled to be a part of it. Whether you're in Winnipeg or in other areas, we aim to be the vape service you can count on. If you’re not in the mood to find a local vape shop, you can enjoy our fast, reliable delivery services right to your doorstep in Manitoba.


Shipping Delivery Information For Nova Scotia

In the picturesque settings of Nova Scotia, the vape culture is not just alive but thriving. From Halifax to Bedford, IVG is committed to enhancing your vape Nova Scotia experience. Our goal is to be the Nova Scotia vape service you can rely on for quality and convenience regardless of the city you’re in. Our prompt delivery brings your favorite vape products right to your doorstep across Nova Scotia.

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